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Housing Repairs

Repairs can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency repairs will be made safe or completed within 24 hours, with routine repairs being carried out within 28 working days of the repair being reported.

To report a repair, please log into your  MyStAlbans account

If you would like to email, the addresses are:

Gas and heating repairs -

All other housing repairs - 

Alternatively, you can call our repairs line on 01727 819256.

What Am I Responsible For? Toggle accordion

What Am I Responsible For?

As a tenant you have responsibilities to your home, these can vary from reporting repairs, providing access for Safety checks and inspections to maintaining fixtures, fittings and appliances you have put into your home.

Below we have attached a copy of your Housing Repairs Handbook, which gives details of the Councils Repairs Services and your responsibilities as a tenant.

Housing Repairs Handbook 2021.pdf

Is My Repair An Emergency? Toggle accordion

Emergency Repairs

The following repairs would be classed as an emergency and should be reported as soon as possible to enable the repair to be completed quickly. This includes Out of Hours emergencies.

  • Total loss of power
  • Dangerous electrical fitting
  • Total or partial loss of electrical or gas heating (between 31st October and 1st May)
  • Toilet not flushing when there is only one toilet in the property
  • Water leak from a pipe, tank or cistern which cannot be contained 
  • Insecure front door or ground floor window 

All other repairs would be deemed to be a routine repair and will be completed within 28 working days. Please consult the housing repairs hand book for further information regarding routine repairs.

Housing Repairs Handbook 2021.pdf

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Am I responsible for my Repair?

Some repairs are deemed to reside as residents responsibilities and would not be maintained by St Albans District Council. Please consult the repairs handbook for a list of repairs deemed residents responsibility.

Our contractors may attend your property for a repair and deem that the cause is not wear and tear and that the repair is rechargeable. Where a rechargeable repair is identified by one of our contractors you will be required to follow our rechargeable repair policy. For more information please consult the repairs  handbook.

Housing Repairs Handbook 2021.pdf

Home Improvements Toggle accordion

Home Improvements

Before you carry out any alterations or improvements to your home you must consult with the council. Many Council houses contain asbestos which is safe if it is undisturbed.

If you would like to make alterations to your home you must get written permission from the housing department and in some instances a surveyor’s visit may be required. If you do not have permission for an alteration there will be a £150 charge for retrospective permissions to be obtained. 

When applying for permission you will be required to submit all information in writing Via your MyStAlbans account.

Apply for alterations

For further information please consult the resident’s handbook.

Housing Repairs Handbook 2021.pdf

Energy Efficiency Improvements Toggle accordion

Energy Efficiency Improvements as part of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund

St Albans City & District Council are working with Correct Contract Services Ltd to carry out improvement surveys over the next year to homes across the District.  These improvements will reduce emissions and make your home warmer and more comfortable.

These surveys will allow St Albans Council and CCS to identify the measures that will be required to reduce the carbon emissions in your property and make your property more efficient.

SHDF Initial Letter to residents - SADC -CCS_0.pdf

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Useful Emergency Numbers

Thames Valley Water Ltd - 0800 714 614  - Leak Line or 0800 316 9800 if Sewer Related 

Affinity Water - 0345 357 2407 - 24 Hour Line (local rate)

National Grid (Gas) - 0800 111999

UK Power Network - 0800 31 63 105 (Calls from this service are free of charge from a landline)

Calls to 0800 freephone numbers may not be free from some mobile phones, so please check with your provider