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Your Tenancy

The council uses secure tenancy agreements for all its council tenants. This is the legal agreement between the Council and the tenant as to what their obligations are and what each party needs to do to prevent a “breach” of the terms and conditions.

If you lose your tenancy agreement you cannot sign a new one but we may be able to provide you with a copy. 
The tenancy agreement is not transferrable, you cannot pass it onto someone else if you no longer want to be a council tenant. 

There are a range of tenancy types and lengths  but all are based on the secure tenancy agreement.

The tenancy agreement is signed by the tenant(s) and a council officer when the tenancy starts and it is only valid for the people named on it. 

It is an important legal document and you must make sure you don’t lose it.

You may need to show a tenancy agreement when you sign up for a gas or electricity supply or when you need to redirect your mail. 

Some new tenants may be given an introductory tenancy. This runs for the first year and will automatically convert to a secure tenancy provided there is no breach of the terms of the tenancy.

Examples of a breach could be:

  • Non payment of rent
  • Nuisance and anti social behaviour
  • Damage to the property or unauthorised alterations

Your tenancy is managed by the Neighbourhood Management Team and if you have any queries or concerns then you can contact your  Housing Officer