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Garden maintenance scheme

We offer a garden maintenance service to some of our tenants who are not able to maintain their gardens themselves.

The Garden Maintenance scheme is still restricted to properties where gardens have side or rear garden access.  Staff will not work in gardens which can only be accessed by walking through the property.

What work is covered under the scheme? Toggle accordion

The scheme covers the cutting of grass and any hedges but does not include the maintenance of any bushes, shrub beds or trees.  Gardens should be kept clean and clear in order for the grass to be cut.  This also includes properties with communal gardens and items such as trampolines, toys and any debris in the garden needs to be removed.

16 grass cuts will be carried out between March and October and 4 hedge trims.

Please note – for residents of mobile homes, grass cutting only will be undertaken.

How much does the scheme cost? Toggle accordion

The current weekly charge for the service of £6.57 per week and will be collected as a service charge alongside the weekly rent. This charge is not covered by Housing Benefit.

Who is eligible? Toggle accordion

  • Tenants who live alone and are physically unable to maintain their garden and have no one in the district or locality who can help.

  • Tenants in receipt of PIP or Attendance Allowance and are physically unable to maintain their garden.

Already a member of the scheme Toggle accordion

Grounds maintenance across all Council Housing sites is managed by the Council's Parks and Green Spaces team, and your grass and hedges will be maintained by the Council’s Grounds Maintenance contractors John O'Conner.

  • We aim to cut the grass in your front and/or rear garden up to 16 times a year between February and October depending on weather conditions
  • We do not collect grass clippings
  • We will ensure your paths are swept clean of grass cuttings
  • Hedges will be trimmed up to 4 times a year between March and October
  • Grass and hedges are maintained by different teams so will not normally be carried out at the same time
  • If we are not able to access any part of your garden due to a locked gate, our teams will knock on your door and request access.  If you are not in,  we will leave a calling card giving instructions on what to do

Report a ground maintenance problem

What happens next? Toggle accordion

If you are accepted onto the scheme, our contractors will first contact you to arrange a visit to assess the current condition of your garden. If your garden is initially in an overgrown condition, they will arrange for a one off cut back to get your garden into a maintainable state, before the scheduled cuts start.

Other Options Toggle accordion

If any tenant is unable to maintain their own garden and does not wish to use this service, then they may wish to consider a transfer or a mutual exchange to an alternative property without a garden or with a communal garden.

The Housing Service runs a Tenant Incentive Scheme for residents looking to downsize. The Council offers a number of options, including payment of a downsizing grant.