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Sheltered Housing

What is Sheltered Housing

This is independent housing for people aged over 60 with an alarm system and a daily check in (if wanted) by accommodation support staff.  Both schemes have communal lounges for residents to socialise in.

Where is St Albans Council's Sheltered Housing?

St Albans District Council has two sheltered housing schemes within the District:

Cyril Dumpleton House 
Haseldine Road 
London Colney 
(28 Flats)

Gertrude Peake Place 
High Street 
(17 Flats)

Sheltered accommodation facilities

Our sheltered housing consists of one bedroom or studio flats, all of which are self-contained. The kitchens and bathroom have been designed with older people in mind. Central Heating and hot water are supplied from a communal boiler for which a weekly service charge is payable.

Every flat contains an alarm system to summon help in an emergency. There is also a controlled door entry and fire alarm system fitted for added safety.

Communal facilities

The following range of facilities can be found in our retirement housing:

  • Lounge - this is spacious and comfortable and gives an opportunity for tenants to meet and take part in social events should they wish to do so.

  • Laundry Facilities – Both schemes have a laundry room containing automatic washing machines and tumble dryers. The schemes also have provision for outside drying.

  • Guest Room (at Gertrude Peake House only) - this is available for tenants' relatives and friends. A small charge is made per night.

A service charge is applied for use of these communal facilities to cover the cost of maintaining them

What assistance is available in Sheltered Housing?

The Accommodation Support team

The team visit tenants who have requested daily visits each working day. They are there to offer support and advice. A response service is available should you need help in an emergency.

The team are also responsible for monitoring the cleaning of the communal areas and for overseeing the security of the scheme.

Special needs

The Accommodation Support Team will assist a resident who requires extra help or support by liaising with the outside agencies e.g. social services, as necessary.

Alarm system

Each flat and most communal areas have an alarm cord so you can summon help in an emergency e.g. if you fall or if you feel unwell. The pull cord sends a call to an alarm service centre at North Herts District Council and staff there will speak to you via the alarm system, assess your needs and summon the appropriate help.

Who can apply?

You can apply if;

  • You are aged 60 or over and meet the criteria to join the housing register.

  • You can live independently

  • Consideration will be given to those who can live independently with the assistance of outside agencies.

The accommodation is designed so that each resident can retain their independence and freedom.

If you need help with cooking, housework or personal care, support is offered in extra care, or flexicare, schemes in the district. Hertfordshire County Council Adult Care Services will help to assess the level of support that you might need.

How do I Apply?

All available sheltered accommodation in the district is advertised through St Albans Home Choice Website. Applicants can 'bid' for properties using the Choice Based Letting system.