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Ending a tenancy

What to do first Toggle accordion

You must notify us in writing of your intention to end your tenancy, providing your forwarding address details. The simplest way to do this is by completing a termination notice at the bottom of this section.

Please complete the termination form and return to as soon as you are able.  If you have a joint tenancy, both tenants must sign the termination form.  


Provided you have given consent, we can dispose of some items left in the property, shed, storage or garage, as part of our void process.  If the remaining items are deemed excessive, you will incur a recharge.

If you need to reach out to us for support, you can also use your MyStAlbans Account.

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How do I return the keys and termination form? Toggle accordion

We are able to terminate the tenancy as soon as we receive confirmation of the following:

  • Please complete a termination form, with as much detail as possible, including the location of any shed or garage you may have with your current tenancy, and whether this is currently numbered. 
  • Once completed, please attach the form or take clear photos of both sides of the form and return by email to
  • Please clear the property of all items you wish to retain.  We are able to clear a small number of items, however, if the amount remaining is deemed excessive, you will incur a recharge.
  • Confirmation that any items left in the property can be disposed of.
  • Once you are ready to leave the property for the last time, please leave all keys (including any shed, garage or utility keys) in a top drawer in the kitchen and one key for the main entrance in an envelope and return via Council Offices marked with the address of the property.
  • Please confirm via email that you have left the property secure and have no intention to return.  Please forward this to

We appreciate it can take time to obtain a death certificate at the current time and would request this is forwarded on as soon as you are in receipt of one.

If you need to reach out to us for support, you can also use your MyStAlbans Account.

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Rent Payments Toggle accordion

You should ensure the rent account is cleared in full or have agreed a payment plan, if this is not possible then contact the housing Income Team. 

Pay Online

If you are receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax support, you will need to notify the Benefits service to ensure your payments continue at your new address.

Report a change of circumstance

If you are in receipt of the housing element of Universal Credit, you will need to notify the Department of Work and Pensions via your online journal.  Our housing benefit team will be able to advise you of how this may affect your housing payments on your old and new property. 

You can contact housing benefit for any queries.

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Transferring from a council property to another Toggle accordion

You will need to make sure that your property is in a good state of repair and that any damage to the property is repaired. The property should be left clean and clear, with any rubbish or other belongings being removed.  You will be recharged for any damage or clearance.

Depending upon the condition of the property, you may be eligible for the Tenants Incentive Scheme Bonus. 
The keys to your property should be returned to the Council offices on the Monday your new tenancy starts. This also applies to the keys for sheltered housing schemes, which should not be left with the warden.

You should ensure that all keys are returned to the Council, even those you have had cut yourself.

Keys received after mid-day Monday will result in you being charged costs equivalent to the weekly rent. Once the keys have been returned to the Council, you will no longer have access to the property for any reason.

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What if the tenant has died and there is no legal successor? Toggle accordion

You can notify us by using the Tell us Once Service

Tell Us Once

The Next of Kin or Executor of the Estate for the tenant will be responsible for completing the termination form and clearing the property.

If there is an existing MyStAlbans account and you have access to this, you could notify us via this system.

A copy of the death certificate should be returned with the completed termination form.

Any assistance the tenant had to help pay the rent, such as housing benefit or the housing element of universal credit, stops after death. If there are any rent arrears they can be cleared with funds from the tenants estate. If there is no estate then the arrears can be written off.

We allow 1 week for the property to be cleared, the termination form completed and all keys returned however if you require up to 4 weeks please contact us.

We may apply a “use and occupation charge” after two weeks and this will be charged to the Executor or Next of Kin. Due to housing benefit and universal credit adjustments, the final balance may take a few weeks before it is available to you.

Who else do I need to contact? Toggle accordion

You will also need to contact the following:

  • Utility suppliers

  • Affinity Water

  • Council Tax

  • Housing Benefit (if applicable

  • Department of Work & Pensions for any benefits (If applicable)

  • Bank(s)

  • Telephone provider

  • Any insurance provider

  • DVLA

  • Television licence

  • Post office to redirect any mail

  • Cancel milk and newspapers (if these are delivered)


Please use the following checklist to help you complete this as easily as possible