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Paying your rent

Covid 19 - Problems paying your rent?

We understand that this will be a particularly difficult time for some people.  We are here to offer support regarding rent.

If you are concerned about paying your rent please let us know.  We are here to help.  Please direct your enquiry online via our MyStAlbans account or alternatively you can email the Housing Income Team on 

When you send us an e-mail please put your address in the subject line to help us to give you a quicker response.

Pay Online Toggle accordion

You can make payments online with a debit card by visiting our payment portal.

Payment Portal

Automated payment line Toggle accordion

You will need your 8 digit tenancy reference number to pay via our automated payment line on 0161 785 3880 - Choose Option 2

Pay by Direct Debit Toggle accordion

Temporary Accommodation

We are currently unable to accept direct debits for persons in Temporary Accommodation, to make a payment, please use our payment line or arrange a standing order.

Direct Debits

The easiest and most convenient way to pay your Housing rent is by Direct Debit. Our collection dates are on the 1st or the 15th of the month.

The banks require a signature on the Direct Debit Mandate, so we are unable to accept scanned or digital documents.

Please return the physical form to:

Housing Rents Finance
St Albans City & District Council
The Civic Centre
St Peters Street
St Albans

Please print the correct document and sign:

Pay by Standing Order Toggle accordion

If you wish to pay your rent by Standing Order you will need to quote the Council's bank details shown below:

Account Number: 01403818
Sort Code: 40:40:01

You will also need to quote your 8 digit tenancy reference number, which you can find on your most recent rent statement.

Pay at the Post Office or local PayPoint shop Toggle accordion

You can pay your rent by cash or card at the Post Office or any shop displaying the PayPoint sign using your rent card.  If you need a replacement card contact our Customer Services team.

Pay by debit or credit card Toggle accordion

You can pay your rent via debit card or credit card by calling the Council Offices during opening hours, on 01727 819301.

Problems paying your rent?

Contact us for payment support and advice Toggle accordion

It is important that you contact us without delay if you have difficulty paying your rent. You can do this via your MyStAlbans account or by calling us on 01727 819301.

We can:

  • check that you are receiving all the benefits that you are entitled.
  • help you to access additional help if needed. 
  • help you to reach an agreement to maintain and reduce the arrears on your rent account. 
  • arrange an appointment for you to come to see us to discuss your arrears or arrange a home visit if you are unable to come to the office.

If an agreement to make regular payments to reduce your rent arrears is made and this agreement is kept to then no further action will be taken.

If we have tried to contact you and have received no response, we may have no option but to take legal action that could result in you losing your home. If we must take this action you will incur costs which you will need to pay and you could be evicted from your home.

It is important that you do not ignore letters sent to you regarding your rent arrears and sort out any problems with your rent at an early stage

Failure to pay your rent can result in result in you being subjected to legal action Toggle accordion

If you do not make and keep to an agreement to pay your rent arrears we will serve you with a Notice of Seeking Possession. This is the first step to starting legal action.  The Notice of Seeking Possession gives you 28 days to deal with your arrears and try to resolve them.   

After the 28 days if no attempt has been made by you to pay and reduce your arrears we will start court action which could result in you losing your home.

Legal action can result in the loss of your home Toggle accordion

We try to avoid evicting tenants from our housing, our aim is to help tenants stay in their homes, however, we will evict as a last resort.

If the court orders outright possession or if the you do not keep to the terms of the order we can apply for a bailiffs warrant to evict you from the property

Before we do this we will apply to the Housing Review Panel for permission to evict you.

The Housing Review Panel is a team of senior managers who consider the case, review your rent payment history and decide whether to give permission to evict.

They may agree that a bailiff warrant should be applied for or give you a final chance to bring your account back in line with the terms of the order.

You will be notified in writing of the decision of the panel.

If you do not bring your rent account back into line with the court order then we will apply to the court for a bailiffs warrant.

You will be contact by the court and told the date of your eviction, they will also inform us and we will contact you as well.

Independent advice is available to support you Toggle accordion

If you need further advice you may wish to contact Citizens Advice or the Harpenden Money Advice Centre.