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Tollgate Road Inquiry

Appeal by Vistry Homes of application 5/2022/1988 at Land To The Rear Of 42-100 Tollgate Road & 42 Tollgate Road Colney Heath St Albans Hertfordshire

Appeal Decision

The Public Inquiry took place in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, St Peters Street, St Albans between Tuesday 19 September and Thursday 28 September 2023.  

Inquiry Programme (revised 20.9.23)

Documents submitted during the Inquiry are listed in section 19 of the Core Documents below.

Inspector’s Note following Case Management Conference

Site visit


Section 106 Agreement

Section 106 Agreement

Proofs of Evidence

Appellant Proofs

Affordable Housing
0314-04.RPT.M23 Affordable Housing Proof of Evidence
0314-04.RPT.M23 Appendices
0314-06.RPT.M23 Summary Affordable Housing Proof of Evidence

Colney Heath Proof of Evidence Heritage FINAL
Summary Heritage GS FINAL

JNY11289-09 I Dimbylow Proof of Evidence
JNY11289-10 I Dimbylow Summary PoE

3925_14e Landscape Evidence
3925_15_Appendices to Proof_email_

Tollgate Road - Planning Proof of Evidence (including summary)
Appendix 1
Appendix HLS16 - CD 3.12  Overarching Statement of Common Ground (v21) Final - signed
St Albans HLS Statement (April 2023)
Appendix 2
3925_126_PDL Plan (Appellant's View)
3925_127_A PDL Plan (Existing Field Usage)
Appendix 3
230718 Landowner statement of site use
Appendix 4
332510999 Land at Tollgate Road 22-08-2023 Geo_Final

Self-Build and custom
0314-05.RPT.M23 Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Evidence with Appendices0314-07.RPT.M23 Summary Self-Build and Custom-Build Proof of Evidence

LPA Proofs

Chris Carr Proof of Evidence
Heritage Statement of Common Ground
John-Paul Friend Proof of Evidence
John-Paul Friend Summary Proof of Evidence
Nick Collins Proof of Evidence
Nick Collins Summary Proof of Evidence
Phillip Hughes Proof of Evidence
Phillip Hughes Summary Proof of Evidence


Rule 6 Party (Colney Heath Parish Council) Proofs

20230822-CHPC CD 9.11 Green Belt Openess and impact on Landscape-v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.12 Previously Developed Land-v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.13 Planning History-v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.14 Sustainability of location-v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.15 Highways and Active Transport-v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.16 Relevant Planning Matter-v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.17 cycle routes assessment v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.18-Walking Routes Assessments-v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.19 Flooding-v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.20-Affordability-v1
20230822-CHPC CD 9.21 Community Infrastructure-v120230822-CHPC CD 9.22 Planning-v1